Hi, I would like to say I’m really sorry
That I never turned out the way U planned me
But I’m not Urs – SO
Ur so pale, Ur world is black and white and it will
Fail, while I can see another thought to be
So see me

Hiding who U are is easy
That’s not how I play

Instead I give U me
On my hands and knees
I’ll show U every fucking part
I give U both my soul and heart
I give U honesty
Taxfree baby

So U think U have it figured out and
know, who we are but do U really care
I don’t think so
We are free to say and do and think and not agree
When controlling us is all U want so
Creep back into the hole where U came from

Instead I give U me….

Fuck off U beast I’ll be who I want to be
U cannot stupify me, no
I’m here to stay
I’ll say what I need to say

Instead I give U me…
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