It’s the silence in the warnings
That makes me go blind
Shoved around and when it’s dawning
It’s everything but kind
Maybe there’s a hidden truth
But it’s been gone for to long
So much hate and so much anger
But though everything seems wrong

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My life was filled with fame and talent
I was beautiful yet balanced
So much better than the rest
Then I met a man – got married
And for 9 dammed months I carried
Around a child in my gut

He made, he made, he made this wasteland
He built, he filled, he sealed this wasteland
He is the king, the king the emperor of all U see
Aren’t U impressed by all of my ruins
Look at that black hole
Look at that black hole, that is me (more…)

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We take a lot we give a lot
We don’t notice what we hide
We help a lot we give a dam
But we don’t show there are 2 sides

We hold on to the things we’ve earned
But in that process we forget all that we can learn
About who and what we are
But if we did – we’d go far (more…)

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I often turn my face to the sky
I talk to whatever thinking it might like me if I say – HI…. ..
I used to ask myself the question who is it that I’m talking to
Why do I need to believe
There’s something more than just here and now
I guess somehow

It makes me feel better (more…)

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