Rockbjörnen ROCKED!!!

What a day!

I got up at 7 in the morning (!) and got everything ready. I then went to salon VITA and met up with a wonderful guy called Kristoffer who styled my hair into a wonderful mess of curls and tangles – LOVED IT!

Kristoffer at VITA

Then I went to our rehearsing place and met up with the rest of the guys to just prepare and have some fun. Then it was LIMO TIME!!!! That HUGE MFing car was driven by an awesome dude called Magnus (thank U Magnus – U rocked)

Lizette & before entering the limo

HUGE MFing Limo

We are now in the limo – and all hell breaks loose! I have a video somewhere… I’ll find it and post it later… here are a few pictures that I took with my mobile. 😀

IMG_2492 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2474

We arrive at Gröna Lund and we all fall out of the HUGE MFing car – and we all see “The bear”! The Rockbear! It’s the contests mascot and he is waving at us… we all get enthusiastic and run over and basically attack the poor bear, while the photographers take pictures while we hug the poor bear to death, on the ground, 6 people… yeah. hahahahaha we recognized him and we were all stoked to be there again, so it was a VERY loving attack.

Lizette & attacks the rockbjörn. Picture by
Lizette & attacks the rockbjörn. Picture by

We did some interviews – and then we went to the elusive “mingle area”, where I ate delicious veggie burgers (veggie vampire) and met a lot of other artists. There was this AWESOME photo booth there where we took a lot of pictures…


After about 2 hours we are told that “IT IS TIME TO ENTER THE THINGIE”, so we all start walking… and we all walk the wrong way and get lost for a while (the instructions of where and how to get there were vague – and that’s putting it mildly) we end up almost running to get there in time. We start walking over this little mini stage/ bridge thingie, when I find myself stuck in something… It turns out that I have been caught up in the singer of Crash diets pocket buttons, with my jacket, so both him and me look at each other in a state of panic and start trying to get loose from each other. I ask him if he comes here often and we both get the giggles, while still trying to walk and untangle ourselves. We eventually get loose and reach our destination.

the tangled walking area
the tangled walking area

We have arrived and the show begins! Dancing acts, singing and “comical” acts begin and the awards are ON! 😀 I am so happy to be there enjoying this evening with my best friends, the band, my management, Sofia and a lot of U guys – Leif flew in from Piteå, that’s FAAAAAAR away!

It’s hard to describe events like these and what they are like – and the sole reason that U are standing there is because people believe in what U do and support that by voting, being there and working hard to make our common dreams to come true – it makes U feel so very proud and more than a little moved. *sigh* Just look!

1173902_10151877755965097_893063899_n 1185291_10151875549820097_1149185912_n 1240633_10151875541165097_23084192_n

All in the name of music! YEAH!

We didn’t win – but we left as winners all the same – in a HUGE FUCKING LIMO AGAIN!!! With one of the coolest guys I have met this year – Pär from Sabaton, who DID win over us… bastards! hahahaha

IMG_1579 IMG_2502

I fell asleep very early this morning with a huge smile on my face. What a day and thank U for helping me make my life such a ride that I never want to get off – U rock my world!


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