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Press Release

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INK – guitarist in Lizette & – and Lizette & will go their separate ways.
Lizette &’s eminent guitarist INK is now embarking on his own adventures after 6 years with the band. The band will deliver their last concert with INK on the 29th of October at Pub Anchor in Stockholm.

“We, as a band, has been through loads of stuff together with INK as the guitarist. We’ve delivered countless of concerts, made 2 albums, several singles, videos photo shoots, driven endless miles on the roads together, interviews, crazy afterparties, shared success and adversity and grown together in a way that only bands who played for a very long time together can comprehend. We part as the best of friends with mutual respect and will continue to be there for each other on our separate journeys.” – Lizette von Panajott

Lizette & has been nominated in Rockbjörnen (Swedish music award) 3 years in a row, in 5 different categories – a pretty good statement of the bands cooperation. With the 4th album on the way the band is now gearing up with full focus and in the light of this big drive discussions were raised in regards to the bands structure and commitment. Everyone who knows INK are aware of the fact that he lives with the guitar in his hands (he probably sleeps with it too) 24/7 and is on some stage in the world pretty much at any given time. INK will keep going on his different projects and is currently working on a much awaited solo album.

Lizette & continues with the remaining 4 members: Lizette, Tomas, AleX and Marqz. There are no plans on finding a new guitarist. The work on their new album continues full steam ahead and the first single will be released before the end of this year.

“Everything is said about this situation now and we dearly hope that many will come to party with us on the 29th of October. We will celebrate the years we’ve had together, toast for future adventures and play the shirts off everyone that comes.”
Lizette, AleX, Tomas, INK, Marqz

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