May the 4th be with you!

May the 4th be with you!

Being a huge Star wars fan – I just had to do this!


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  1. pelle

    Awesome! Now just get a proper red bladed saber, and voila’ – Darth Lizette! 😀 “Join the dark side, we have cookies”

    Anyway, most likely posting in the wrong spot as usual, but who really cares – just thought i’d thank Lizette& for the rock at sea show!
    Having been off the rock stage for a couple decades i know that on these cruises i usually get not uber great so-so bands i’ve never heard of (or bands last heard of 30 years ago…), so expectations were kinda low, and admittedly i went to check out Lizette& mostly because you had a rockbabe singer lol – and was not disappointed , but, turned out i liked the whole thing even!

    Music was quite right on spot for me, and ya’ll delivered a very nice show in that dark little corner of the boat, so, + one fan! Seeing on website a guitarman left earlier this year, maybe that sucks in ways, but imo there really wasn’t one missing in your show, good job!

    Those bars everywhere on the boat and a couple skilled rock/blues dudes playing in the pub distracted us away from goin shopping t-shirts for support, but after losing my hangover i’ve sorted that on yer website, so despite being off the Heavy metal t-shirts for a good while i will now be able to dress in style next time i get dragged along on a rock cruise!

    J-igt mycket bättre än rockbåt liksom, tack! 🙂

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