A looooong day!

Today has been a long day and I have been singing and singing and singing for hours!

First I had a meeting with my management about the upcoming album, dates and ideas, then we rehearsed, as usual, and tried out one of the new songs *evil grin* which sounded FUCKING AWESOME!!! 😀 We did this for about 2 hours.

Then the cool guys from Big Time came into the studio and they had asked me earlier if I would help them out with some vocals, which I gladly said that I’d do. So – into the studio I went to record some insanely high notes with the guys.

I just got home from the studio – and it’s 1 am. I am filled with the good feeling U get when U know U got a lot done and did a good job. So trying to pat myself on the back – I’m off to bed.

Sleep tight!


Me with the guys from Big Time (not all of them)
Me with the guys from Big Time (not all of them)

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