I was here long before anybody came
I was wrong now I do not want to play this game where I do what U do
Everybody said that I should slow it down
That I should listen to my body or hit the ground
Take a bath and meditate
Hear Ur inner voice, as it speaks U will rejoyce
I did as I was told
Within a minute it got old

Now I do refuse to live inside my head
It’s the same as being fucking dead

We’re ok, it’s allright
We’ll just scream a little louder, we’ll stand up and fight
‘Cause U can have us but U wont get it
So climb out of Ur ass
Take a look around U life is now not in the past
U can’t feel nor live it in a huge pile of Ur own smelly bullshit

No, no, no, no don’t speak as if U know what Ur talking about
If U did then why are U a mess and Ur world in doubt
Just loosen up and have some fun
How fucking serious can things really be
When there is music friends, sex and liberty
Now give me a smile and repeat after me
I will dance, I will speak, I will scream I’M UNIQUE
I will take life by it’s neck, spin it around and give it a peck
Then I will
Refuse to live inside my head
It’s the same as being fucked up

We’re ok…

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