I tried to call U yesterday
No answer on Ur telephone
I could only hear Ur voice say
Sorry I’m not home

I wish that U could see me now
I know right from wrong
Haven’t heard the voices now for days
I think they have all gone

I’m alright now
I’m alright
It sure feels so nice now
So I’m alright

I think that Ur afraid of me
That I might cross that line again
I promise U I will behave
Cause Ur my only friend
The people that I knew before
They did not understand
They really made me angry
So I made them disappear

But I’m alright now
I’m alright
It sure feels right now
So I’m alright

Why don’t U call me baby
These things they drive me crazy
I thought that U would listen
I guess U´re no better than them
When I say what I really think I’m rude
When I do what I really want
Then I’m insane
(U´re sick in U´re brain)
I guess I’m not cut out to be like U
I tried to live by all your rules
But does that really make me sane…..

Lyrics: Lizette von Panajott

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